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Organizations with the most sophisticated needs choose Ventiv

Over the last 12 months (Q4 2017 through Q3 2018), Ventiv Technology has won an impressive percentage of the largest, most complex risk and insurance technology opportunities: we've been selected for six of the seven biggest deals in our segment of the market.

Why is Ventiv winning the most demanding engagements? Our unparalleled domain expertise and our software products—the most modern and capable in the market—set us apart. In fact, Ventiv Technology is the fastest-growing technology provider in our segment of the market. With new sales growth of 58%, 2017 was one of the very best in Ventiv’s 46-year history. Remarkably, sales growth in 2018 through Q3 is even stronger.

Successfully deploying Ventiv Claims for the County of Los Angeles

In December 2017, the County of Los Angeles selected Ventiv Claims as its single-platform solution for risk management, claims administration, safety investigation, and legal case management. It’s one of the largest—if not the largest—implementations ever undertaken by a municipality. Ventiv is providing the County a fully integrated system that replaces all the County’s existing risk and claims applications.

One of the County’s key goals is deploying a robust system that can lead the nation in how risk management programs, including claims, are integrated, administered, managed, and monitored. Nearly a year into the implementation, Ventiv has met or is ahead of schedule on virtually every delivery milestone. It’s just the latest example of how the people of Ventiv Technology have the domain experience necessary to successfully execute complex implementations.

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Modern And Capable

Most Modern & Capable

Only Ventiv’s risk, claims, and safety software is built on the latest technology

Ventiv’s products are the most modern and technologically up to date in the market for risk, claims, and safety software solutions. We’ve completely regenerated our core product base: From the browser all the way back to the server, the VENTIV IRM is a complete rebuilding of our risk management information system; VENTIV CLAIMS is a major upgrade of our core-administration system; and VENTIV DIGITAL is a revolutionary, mobile and data-intake tool.

We’ve also partnered with IBM to offer the most comprehensive advanced analytics, reporting, and data-discovery tools fully integrated and embedded into our products. 

VENTIV RPA is a flexible, cost-effective way to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer service, and shore up an organization’s competitive position. 

While others are thinking about products of the future, Ventiv already has them.

Proven Relevant Experience

Proven, Relevant Experience

Ventiv empowers organizations to achieve optimal results from their risk, claims, and safety programs

Ventiv is the largest independent provider of software solutions for risk management, claims administration, and safety management. By combining technical expertise with in-depth domain knowledge, we empower organizations to achieve optimal results. We’re especially adept at large, complex implementations; however, Ventiv’s customers enjoys a client-delivery model distinguished by its clarity and simplicity: Each client has a single point of contact—the client delivery lead—supported by a team of specialists.


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