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With Ventiv Digital, Cox Enterprises achieves both strategic and process objectives

Cox Enterprises

Cox Enterprises, Inc.

Cox Enterprises, Inc., has a strong record as an early adopter of risk and insurance technology. In the late 1990s, Cox was one of the first users of the RiskLabs risk management information system that has evolved into today’s Ventiv IRM. It’s fitting, then, that Cox was among the first users of Ventiv Digital, our cutting-edge data-intake solution.

Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises is a leading global communications, automotive services, and media company with more than $20 billion in annual revenues and comprising nearly 200 companies. Cox’s risk and insurance team turned to Ventiv Digital to streamline and improve the collection of exposure and incident data. According to Courtenay Wallace, senior risk manager, insurance, Ventiv Digital has done a lot more than improve processes, data quality, and timeliness. Ventiv Digital has helped Wallace and her team save a significant amount of time and, as a result, focus more effectively on key strategic priorities.

Having Ventiv Digital do a lot of our work and streamlining processes has given us back the time we need to focus on more of the strategic priorities for our team. The investment in Ventiv Digital has paid off just as we expected it to.



Wallace and her team were introduced to Ventiv Digital in late 2017, only a few months after its release. They were excited at the possibilities for enhanced data intake to streamline the team’s activities and become more efficient.

CoxAccording to Wallace, “We went back to our vice president of risk management to make our case for Ventiv Digital. We were getting busier and busier, and he understood that. He understood the importance of making more efficient use of our time, and how, in the long run, that would save money and help our department. We’re a nine-person department, with two of us primarily working on collecting insurance data and handling renewals. But Cox Enterprises is also in growth mode, and we needed more time to research the new businesses the company is bringing on board; a lot of them are different from what we’re already doing, so we need to investigate whether we need different insurance coverages for those companies, things like that. It was increasingly difficult to devote the time to data collection and submission that we had been doing.”

CoxAs is the case with many risk and insurance teams, bringing on additional staff to help with the increasing workload wasn’t likely. Wallace says, “Being a corporate cost center, we’re expected to keep cutting costs and save money. We realized that using Ventiv Digital would be so much more efficient than hiring more people to do the job that the two of us were doing. And it’s worked out that way: Having Ventiv Digital do a lot of our work and streamlining processes has given us back the time we need to focus on more of the strategic priorities for our team. The investment in Ventiv Digital has paid off just as we expected it to.”

DATA COLLECTION: Before and After

For Cox, the first use of Ventiv Digital was collecting casualty data, including number and location of employees; number and type of vehicles; storage tanks; aircraft use; and some workers’ compensation information.

According to Wallace, “It’s been great. With our previous system, we sent out worksheets individually, by email, to contacts at almost 200 companies. Then we’d copy data from the worksheets that our contacts sent back into a master spreadsheet and upload that data into Ventiv IRM System (formerly known as RiskConsole Advance). It took days to copy all that data into the master file and was very tedious. It’s great now, because with Ventiv Digital, everything is loaded straight into Ventiv IRM. We save at least two weeks on the data upload alone.”

What’s more, Wallace and her team save considerable time by not having to distribute worksheets by email and then follow up with contacts who miss the deadline to return information. Ventiv Digital handles the distribution of the question sets to contacts and, with its powerful tracking and reporting capabilities, lets Wallace know the status of her campaign.

Wallace’s field contacts really appreciate the improvements with Ventiv Digital, as well. Says Wallace, “Now, our contacts complete their requests in an online, survey-style format that’s easy to use and familiar to them. There’s no training required, because they follow easy on-screen instructions. Our end users really like that they only see the questions that are relevant to their business. They choose which business division they’re in, and then those are the questions that pop up. Within their specific survey, if there are things that don’t apply, and they answer ‘no,’ then they move on to the next question without having to wade through lots of irrelevant questions.”



According to Wallace, “Ventiv Digital has really helped us. We really appreciate the time savings, the efficiency gains, and how it helps us with our strategic goals. Plus, the information we get is more accurate, and the users like the experience. We’re excited to expand upon it in collecting incidents. We plan to roll this out to even more divisions and locations. And we are looking at ways to collect other data, tying it in to Ventiv IRM and other data we have in place already. We’re very happy so far and very excited over future uses.”

Cox-filesAs for deploying Ventiv Digital, Wallace gives glowing reviews. “The Ventiv team, led by Meghan Palmer, was great. We worked with them to set up our first Ventiv Digital experience. Being risk managers, we knew what we wanted to ask, but we’re sending it out to end users who are not risk managers or insurance people. So, as we were going through the process, we’d get feedback from users if things didn’t quite make sense to them. Meghan was just awesome. She got right back to us, changed the form, and made adjustments so it was easier for the end user, more logical for them. She was very responsive and right on top of it. Our hopes are, the simple forms we’ll do ourselves in the future, but it’s great knowing the Ventiv team is there for anything that’s a little more complicated.”

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