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Indiana Public Employers' Plan (IPEP)


with help from Ventiv Claims
and Ventiv Digital

Indiana Public Employers Plan

Indiana Public Employers Plan

IPEP, a risk pool covering workers’ compensation for Indiana public entities, made a considered decision to upgrade to Ventiv Claims and add Ventiv Digital. It’s been a big success in terms of enhanced adjuster efficiency, improved claim and risk management data, and upgraded technology options for members.

The look and the feel of Ventiv Claims is more modern and current. It’s easier to navigate. It’s easier to get the information you need all in one place without having to switch over to separate reporting tools.


The Indiana Public Employers Plan (IPEP) has been a Ventiv Technology customer since 2004, when it first began using Ventiv’s iVOS claims-administration system. We spoke with Lisa Mohler, IPEP’s vice president of Claims and Risk Management, about her organization’s upgrade to the latest version of Ventiv’s claims system: Ventiv Claims Enterprise. We also spoke with Mohler about how IPEP has integrated the Ventiv Digital data-intake system with Ventiv Claims.

IPEP is a workers’ compensation risk pool for Indiana public entities. With more than 600 members, IPEP insures more than half of the state’s fire and police departments, schools, cities, counties, townships and the like. According to Mohler, several key factors contribute to IPEP’s high member-retention rate. “First, we understand the needs of our members and deliver high-quality service. Second, we offer a hybrid, best-of-both- worlds model: We operate as a third-party administrator, managing the claims and risk management for our members, but we do it at a fixed cost. Our members pay premiums into the pool, and then their costs are capped.”

Given its hybrid business model, claims and risk management technology is vital to IPEP. In Ventiv Claims and Ventiv Digital, IPEP has the systems in place to help the risk pool continue to exceed member expectations.

Upgrading to Ventiv Claims Delivers Strong Benefits


About the Ventiv insurance claims management system, Mohler says, “One of the key things we get from Ventiv Claims is enhanced efficiency. It’s essential that our adjusters can open a claim and, in one place, see their documents, their diary, notepad, payments, approved bills and so forth. It allows our adjusters to easily navigate through the different components of the claim and put more focus on getting an optimum outcome for the injured worker.”

Over the years, says Mohler, “Many of the adjusters who have come to IPEP from other companies have been amazed at how easy it was to navigate in iVOS. Once they saw in iVOS that everything was together and how easy it was to move from one part of the system to the other, they really liked the system.” In upgrading to Ventiv Claims, IPEP is enhancing its adjusters’ efficiency to an even greater degree.

“Overall, Ventiv Claims is much more user-friendly than the already user-friendly earlier version,” Mohler says. “The look and the feel of Ventiv Claims is more modern and current. It’s easier to navigate. It’s easier to get the information you need all in one place without having to switch over to separate reporting tools. I love that you can download anything to a spreadsheet, including search results. I also love the new notepad capabilities, with formatting capabilities like those in Microsoft Word. Plus, notepad has a more powerful search function. And I love how the adjusters have the ability customize their own views; they can rearrange columns, which allows them to see only what’s important to them.”

In addition to improving adjuster efficiency, Ventiv Claims provides value-added features for IPEP members. Says Mohler, “With Ventiv Claims, we provide our members powerful, easy-to-use dashboards. This allows members to analyze the information we provide them more effectively and then take the necessary actions to, for example, enhance their risk management profile. After upgrading to Ventiv Claims, we have even more members wanting access to our claims system, which is a wonderful thing for them and for IPEP.”

And finally, moving to Ventiv Claims has made life better for Mohler in her role as head of IPEP’s claim organization. “The improved dashboarding is exciting,” Mohler notes. “There are so many things I used to do manually when I needed to put reports together. Now, I can just add metrics I want to track the dashboard and at a glance see the things I need to see, like reserves over $50,000 or where our pending claims stand. At a glance, I know exactly where everyone is at on any given day.”

Ventiv Digital Enhances Risk Management and Claims

Moving up to Ventiv Claims is yielding positive results for IPEP. Adding Ventiv Digital to its claims and risk management technology stack has amplified IPEP’s return on investment.

On the risk-management front, IPEP’s two field risk managers use Ventiv Digital to record and share with members their recommendations. “Until we started using Ventiv Digital, our risk managers didn’t have an efficient, streamlined way to record the results of their inspections and share recommendations with members. With Ventiv Digital, combined with the inspection form in Ventiv Claims, IPEP risk managers can easily capture their recommendations, which are recorded for underwriting and claims administration. However, Ventiv Claims also empowers our risk managers to give members a polished report with their recommendations so that members know exactly what’s expected of them.”

When it comes to incident and claim reporting, Ventiv Digital empowers IPEP to get more and better data into the Ventiv Claims system. “Ventiv Digital has allowed us to populate fields in Ventiv Claims management software that we didn’t always have the staffing resources to track down manually before. With Ventiv Digital, we’re easily able to make certain fields mandatory—like employee’s date of hire. From our members’ point of view, they’ve been wanting online incident and claims reporting for quite some time. With Ventiv Digital, we’ve satisfied their needs and made data capture better for IPEP administration, too.”


Taking IPEP to the Next Level

Overall, Mohler sees upgrading to Ventiv Claims and adding Ventiv Digital as significant developments for IPEP. “We think upgrading to Ventiv Claims is going to take IPEP to the next level, and that’s how I presented it to the IPEP board to justify the investment. Upgrading will allow us to be more efficient, which in turn gives the adjusters more time to have that hands-on interaction with our injured workers and to achieve an optimal outcome. Adding Ventiv Digital is also a major enhancement. It helps us bring more data into Ventiv Claims, which means we can provide better information to our members.”

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