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Right on Track:

SNCF Aligns Risk Management Software with Business Goals

The National Society of French Railways, SNCF, has rapidly adapted their risk management solution in partnership with Ventiv to support their evolving business and generate significant loss recoveries.


SNCF is one of the world’s leading passenger transport and freight logistics services groups, as demonstrated by these figures:

  • 275,000 employees in France and around the world, in 120 countries
  • more than 15 million passengers transported every day throughout the world
  • more than 10 billion euros in investments per year

SNCF operates in six main sectors: mass transit, high-speed and conventional long-distance mobility, freight transport and logistics, network operation and maintenance, railway stations, and real estate.

SNCF Risk Management

SNCF HeadquartersRisk management is a top priority for SNCF, as the safety of their staff and passengers is of the utmost importance. For more than a decade, Ventiv has supported SNCF’s 3,000 users and complex risk management needs with a bespoke solution designed to evolve with emerging demands. The SNCF legal department manages their risk and insurance programmes and has been instrumental in advising the direction of the solution in collaboration with Ventiv. SNCF has also developed an insurance policy for nearly 20 years designed to protect the company’s equity. Frédéric Demeilliez, Head of the Risk and Insurance Department at SNCF, states that in 2010, SNCF chose Ventiv to support this risk and insurance management in order to professionalise these processes.

Our risk management solution was designed to deliver these outcomes for SNCF:

  • Management of 15,000 annual claims reported online, allowing direct recourse to be taken against liable third parties – in particular, for uninsured claims with a deductible. This specificity has resulted in the recovery of several hundred million euros since implementation.
  • Generation of risk prevention and recommendations after on-site risk visits with insurers.
  • Document management of insurance policies and guarantees.
  • Reporting with business intelligence and custom dashboards for managers.
The Challenge

The Challenge

In September 2019, SNCF notified Ventiv that they would be restructuring as a result of the French rail reform legislation that would take effect on 1 January 2020. This restructuring created four joint stock companies that are subsidiaries of the SNCF holding company: SNCF Réseau, SNCF Voyageurs, Fret SNCF, and SNCF Gares & Connexions.

Ventiv was presented with the challenge of transforming our existing solution to align with SNCF’s urgent operational changes. We had to take action promptly, as these requirements impacted the scope of companies managed in the tool.

Ventiv had to adapt quickly by undergoing a major change at the end of 2019. This challenge was met within a tight timeframe, thanks to the flexibility of the tool and the mobilisation of the Ventiv team.

Frédéric Demeilliez
Head of the Risk and Insurance Department, SNCF

In order to incorporate SNCF’s evolving structure, the Ventiv team had to reorganise the hierarchies within the application and modify the way various users see information in the system. Previous users now had different scopes of claims and needed to be able to see only those claims that were relevant to their company and role.

The position of the legal department also changed to operate as a separate entity, which called for more restructuring within the application to facilitate new workflows and ensure ongoing compliance.

SNCF High Speed Train

The Results

With a rapid delivery and widespread user adoption, the project was a clear success. Following the Go Live, all companies were pleased with the solution and how the project was managed – on time and under budget.

Each new entity has the option to choose their own risk management tool, but they chose to stay with Ventiv because their users were so happy with our solution. A recent internal survey among their users reported an overall user satisfaction rate of 94%. Maryse Delumeau, deputy of the department in charge of this evolution project, adds:

The Ventiv risk solution is highly collaborative and comprehensive, and our users are very happy with their experience.

The Ventiv risk solution is now used according to SNCF’s unique user profiles and organisational hierarchy. Nearly 3,000 employees can report claims online as they happen, and just over 100 claims managers handle claim files, manage insurance programmes and risk prevention, and run specialised reports. A single SNCF administrator is sufficient to ensure the operational maintenance of the system in collaboration with Ventiv. SNCF is now uniquely equipped to strengthen their risk and insurance programmes and recover upwards of 15,000 losses annually.

SNCF Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Much like Ventiv, SNCF is always looking at what’s next. As Frédéric Demeilliez points out, the Ventiv integrated risk management solution will continue to be developed even further in the future, following the path set out 10 years ago. In particular, SNCF is looking forward to expanding mobile and self-service portal capabilities. Now that the risk management software is aligned with SNCF’s new organisational structure and user needs, Ventiv’s next innovative solution is already on track.