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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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Ventiv Data Science Solution

Harness the power of AI to gain insights faster and optimize outcomes in risk management and mitigation


Against the backdrop of a rapidly hardening market, it is vital that risk managers can present a clear and accurate picture of their business risk in order to get the best price for their coverage from providers. Better use of data and the latest advanced analytics techniques can help them to achieve that, but for many businesses there is a perception that these data science techniques are difficult to understand, expensive, complex to use and therefore hard to persuade company leadership to invest in. Our new Data Science Solution has been specifically designed to make AI easy for anyone, no matter where they are on their AI journey.

Kristi McFarlin, Vice President of Analytics, Ventiv Technology


Unlock the value in your data with the market’s first self-service advanced analytics and AI solution.

Gain insights from AI in a way that works best for you

Whether you want to use the pre-built elements of the system or work directly with the code, the user interface adapts to your preferences. You can quickly perform anything from basic functions to advanced data modeling and analysis.

The process can be as simple or as sophisticated as you would like, depending on the function you want to perform, the depth of insight you need, the amount of time you have and your level of experience in data science.

Data Science Model Interaction
  • Leverage pre-created algorithms integrated into a RMIS or claims system
  • Use standard, built-in algorithms
  • Create custom scripts with R or Python code
Self-Service Platform
  • Develop and operationalize custom ML models
  • Create content
  • Socialize findings
  • Create visualizations
  • Create dashboards
  • Create storyboards
Hybrid Interaction
  • Leverage Automated Predictive Analytics capabilities
  • Use Natural Language Querying
  • Leverage pre-created models and content
  • Explore data and create content

Easily modify models, use built-in models or create your own models

Perform advanced analysis using built-in models, like Claim Scoring and Case Reserve Prediction. You can easily modify existing models based on your needs, or you can create your own original models.

Quickly discover insights, identify patterns and generate risk predictions with predictive models designed for your business.

Use built-in models or create your own
Prepare data intuitively and get to analysis faster

Prepare data intuitively and get to analysis faster

You have the option to use built-in tools with full Python and R integration, or you can let us do all the setup and model work. Now you can instantly combine and analyze multiple types and sources of data.


  • Perform advanced analysis and simulations with built-in forecasting, clustering, optimization, decision tree and outlier analysis models.
  • Perform Monte Carlo risk analysis by building models of possible results by substituting range values for any factor that has inherent uncertainty.
  • Support for standard deviation, linear regression, correlation and covariance.

Showcase your results with enhanced visualizations

Insights gained from built-in machine learning and AI models seamlessly integrate with supported visualizations.

Display predictions, optimizations, trends, patterns, outliers and other data analysis with engaging graphs and diagrams.

For example, insights gained from the machine learning models may be used within a Cognos report.

Communicate your findings with intuitive visuals

Now AI is easy for anyone, no matter where you are on your journey.

Integrate data virtualization, data science and data visualization together in a modern digital experience

Leverage data, analytics, AI and machine learning across an enterprise with multiple systems

Enhance your existing technology investments while maximizing user skills, adoption, preferences and flexibility


See how your data relates to the bigger picture with insights from trusted third-party sources.

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