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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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Prevent patient harm, improve care, and elevate safety

Manage and mitigate risk throughout your entire healthcare organization with a single, scalable solution


We are excited about Ventiv Patient Safety because it’s easy to use and was designed specifically for healthcare by an RN with extensive experience in risk management. With this solution, we have all of our claims and incident data in one system, and we can better understand event trends and drivers with advanced analytics and reporting.

Ric Henry, Managing Partner, BRP Pendulum


Anticipate and prevent incidents

Improve patient safety with a more transparent safety culture.

Report incidents accurately and efficiently

Capture every detail about every event.

Eliminate bias and identify trends with predictive analytics

Make data-driven decisions to mitigate risk and improve safety outcomes.

Manage policy finances with ease

Create, record, track, manage, and administer every insurance policy.

Provide care with technology designed to support your primary mission

With powerful, self-service analytics and reporting, you can bring all of your data into one place for a holistic view of risk. Whether you’re a risk manager, patient safety manager, or patient relations manager, you can use a single system to manage your safety program.

  • Event Reporting and Investigation
  • Root Cause Analysis and Action Planning
  • Safety Huddles
  • Patient Experience and Feedback
  • Peer Review
  • Risk Matrix and Register
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Collect data immediately from the field with simple surveys

Gather complete and accurate information on events as they occur. Hospital staff can immediately report and submit all the necessary details about every incident – including photos and audio files.

Identify the appropriate actions to take before an adverse event occurs 

Healthcare systems have a special need to be able to perform analysis on all data points related to patient safety, risk management, and claims. Use advanced analytics tools to improve loss-control initiatives like identifying risks, enforcing compliance, and embedding best practices across the organization. 

  • Automated predictive analytics: Find correlations that provide actionable insights, such as what factors are likely to influence the cost of a claim. Drill down into data to find relationships that you might otherwise have missed.
  • Prescriptive analytics: Identify how to mitigate risks and potentially prevent claims, injuries, or incidents from occurring.

Maintain a detailed financial summary of your policies

Every healthcare organization purchases and structures its insurance programs in a unique way.

  • Interface with physician credentialing systems
  • Monitor policy erosions and premium, brokerage, and risk management costs
  • Provide a complete view of fees and costs relating to coverage
  • Track and validate that adequate insurance cover (whether self-insured or through market carriers) is in place
  • Generate custom reports for your financial department, TPA, and other recipients as needed

Policy Dashboard

Healthcare Property Map

Identify the factors that impact the cost of falls with AI-powered analytics

Falls are a frequent occurrence at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. When falls occur, the costs can be shockingly high. See how AI-powered analytics can help risk and patient safety managers predict the most frequent key indicators that can impact falls.

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