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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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Prevent patient harm, improve care and elevate safety.

Ventiv Patient Safety empowers overburdened healthcare organizations with unparalleled reporting and patient safety management. Unlike inflexible and disconnected systems, Ventiv’s AI and predictive analytics identify hidden patterns and trends that help detect vulnerabilities and increase preparedness before, during, and after an unforeseen health crisis such as COVID-19.


Patient Safety

Anticipate and Prevent Safety Incidents

Delivering safe, high-quality care is a healthcare organization’s primary mission. Ventiv Patient Safety helps healthcare organizations anticipate and prevent safety incidents, improve the patient experience, and make the safety culture more transparent and effective. With powerful, easy-to-use analytics and reporting capabilities, you can bring all your organization’s data into one place for data exploration and benchmarking against third-party data. Whether you’re a risk manager, patient safety manager, or patient relations manager, Ventiv is here to deploy a single system for your patient safety needs and deliver ongoing support.

Ventiv Patient Safety’s capabilities include:

  • Event Reporting and Investigation
  • Root Cause Analysis and Action Planning
  • Patient Experience and Feedback
  • Peer Review
  • Safety Huddles
  • Risk Matrix and Register


Capture Intake Healthcare

Incident Intake

Capture every detail about every event with Ventiv Digital

Ventiv Digital is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for entering information on events in an efficient, timely manner. Patient and employee data prepopulates fields in Ventiv Digital through standard interfaces. Because Ventiv Digital integrates seamlessly with Ventiv’s Integrated Risk Management (IRM) system and Ventiv Claims, when an incident converts to a claim, all the details from the intake form are incorporated into the claim record. Ventiv Digital is also available as groundbreaking mobile data-intake tool, empowering hospital staff to immediately record and submit every necessary detail about every incident—including photos, audio files, and geocoded locations. Available as a native app (iOS and Android) for mobile devices.

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Analytics, Reporting and Data Discovery

Ventiv Analytics empowers healthcare organizations to make data-driven decisions

Healthcare systems have a special need to be able to perform analysis on every data point in their risk, claims and patient safety systems. To visualize your data, you can build and save dashboards around any data point in your system. Reporting through Ventiv Analytics empowers you to produce advanced reports. Reports can be created and run ad-hoc, with lightning speed, or scheduled to be produced and distributed at a given time or with recurring frequency. Ventiv predictive analytics can help you identify the appropriate actions to take before an adverse event occurs. By combining this with utilizing effective report dashboards, your organization’s management can get an efficient and easy-to-understand oversight of unit-level and organization-wide performance.

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Zero in on the factors that impact the cost of falls with Ventiv Analytics powered by AI

Falls are a frequent occurrence at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. When falls occur, the costs can be shockingly high. See how Ventiv Analytics helps risk and patient safety managers cut through the noise and predict the most frequent key indicators which can impact falls.

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Ventiv Policy MPL

Comprehensive policy administration for healthcare organizations

A growing number of healthcare systems provide medical and hospital professional liability to their insured health systems and providers. With that service comes the need to administer policies. Designed to reduce overall costs and improve service levels, Ventiv Policy MPL is an intuitive, end-to-end policy administration platform with a full set of features, including provider and education tracking, reporting, loss control, flexible rating, diaries, contact and address/location management, and a fully configurable member/agent portal.

From quoting to policy issuance, Ventiv Policy MPL streamlines the complete policy administration process. A user can efficiently process a tail quote and issuance for a single provider or an entire line of coverage and manage liability risk at each facility with premium appropriately allocated to each risk. Configured to each organization’s unique data and rating needs, Ventiv Policy MPL automates labor-intensive underwriting processes by eliminating data redundancy and streamlining access to information.


Ventiv Policy MPL Core Capabilities:

  • Provider: Tracking of demographic and credential data, specialty assignment, education tracking, policy profile summary; assign the same provider as risks on one-to-many policies in a program year.
  • Location/Address Management: Assign locations as risks or authorize coverage on a provider for one-to-many locations.
  • Insureds: Types for hospitals, groups, corporations, individual.
  • Course Education Tracking: Course creation, tracking of education completion for providers, integrated with rating-engine education communication.
  • Manage: Occurrence, claims made, nose and tail policies.
  • Track: Shared or separate limits; additional insured and locum tenens.

Multi-line Claim Management

Enjoy the flexibility of defining and managing as many claim types as needed

Whatever the claim types your organization needs to manage, including medical professional liability, Ventiv IRM gives you the flexibility to define and manage as many claim types as needed. You can also manage payment buckets, transactional values and claim payment detail to meet your specific needs. Ventiv Claims provides comprehensive insurer, bank account, insured, policy, policy period and reinsurance tracking for coverage verification, assignment and reporting. You can also assign multiple insureds (from different programs with different coverages) to a single claim or event and manage dollars for each insured. Assign multiple policies to a single insured and track (within a single claim) multiple insureds and assign different reserves and payments for each insured.

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Policy Management

Create, record, track, manage and administer every insurance policy

Every healthcare organization purchases and structures its insurance programs in a unique way to meet its own specific business needs. Ventiv IRM empowers you to create and manage policies for every insured entity, including employed physicians and joint-venture physicians. Accurately record (at your chosen level of granularity) and manage complicated policy structures. Track and validate that adequate insurance cover (whether self-insured or through market carriers) is in place. Monitor policy limits, dates, deductibles, retentions, carrier names and more. Interface with physician credentialing systems. Record limits, deductible amounts and aggregate limits in addition to associated premium, brokerage and risk management costs to provide a complete view of fees and costs relating to the cover in place. There is no limit on the types or class of insurance that can be managed in Ventiv IRM.

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Policy Dashboard
Property Map

Efficient Exposure Tracking

With Ventiv IRM, there are no limits on how you track your healthcare organization’s exposures

As a fully integrated data-management platform, Ventiv IRM empowers healthcare systems to track all exposures and link them to the appropriate insurance policy—or other risk-transfer mechanism—as required. There is no limit on the number or type of exposures that can be linked to insurance programs, individual policies or even unique policy sections. All tracked exposures can be linked to a specific hospital, unit or specialty area within your organization’s hierarchy. As such, values and figures can be provided and reported on by individual hospitals or specialty services rather than just at one level. All physical exposures can be mapped to a geo-location utilizing Ventiv IRM’s native mapping capabilities. Each map can be overlaid with advanced layers (such as claims data or values) to instantly visualize the performance of various locations.

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