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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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Insurance IT Solutions

Providing a full range of technology solutions to the insurance industry.

4iSoft, a Ventiv Technology company, is focused on the insurance market and has become the partner of choice for quality support services due to a deep industry knowledge, business process expertise, global delivery capability, flexible engagement models and proven credentials.

4iSoft is an insurance-focused IT services company, working with some of the largest insurance carriers, third-party administrators, JPAs and self-insured corporations. 4iSoft is headquartered in Artesia, California, with an extended global delivery center at Delhi NCR.

Global Delivery Model

4iSoft helps accelerate innovation and delivery across many solutions, while improving operational efficiency.

Our on-shore, off-shore and blended delivery models offer true customer flexibility, which results in engagements that are trusted, transparent and effective.

Choice of the right model hinges on levels of complexity, control and cost. We consult you to determine the best approach—all while adhering to your requirements.


24x7 Support

4iSoft‘s application and production support for integrated risk management and core claims solutions provides an integrated solution for service level management, application performance management and IT process automation across a wide range of technology platforms. The services deliver tangible and continuous business impact via industry standard processes, optimized by 4iSoft’s pioneering practices.

4iSoft manages mission-critical third-party insurance applications across multiple platforms, with an enviable track record of exceeding service level agreements and reducing day-to-day support costs. Our comprehensive application and production support services include proactively monitoring application availability, performance, response times, exceptions, faults and failures.

We support third-party insurance applications on a 24x7 basis, including IVoSTM, GenSourceTM, JavelinaTM, SIMSTM among others.

Data Migration & Conversions

Migrating from an inflexible legacy system to a modern integrated risk management system carries some inherent risks. Data conversion can be a daunting process, especially when consolidating from multiple, disparate, legacy systems to a single new platform. Risks can be largely mitigated by taking a well thought–out approach that builds on the industry best practices and experience from previous projects. Refer to this case study on how 4iSoft helped one of the leading providers of workers’ compensation insurance in migrating data from a legacy to a modern claims management system. 4iSoft's successful track record of data migration can be attributed to its foundation on three strong pillars: Team, Methodology & Tools.


Consists of team members with diverse skill sets—each essential for success of projects.


4iSoft takes a tried & tested approach, developed with years of experience in similar projects, fine-tuned to deliver on-time and every time.


4iSoft uses proven third-party tools for smooth data migration, including:


Software Testing Services

With every advancement in technology and the consequent dependence on it, the need for thorough testing gets amplified. The expanding complexity of today’s systems brings a higher likelihood of introducing errors—tighter integration spreads their impact even wider, and direct connections to customers and partners compound their visibility and business cost.

Defects cost much more than their correction efforts, if you take into account the crippling performance, tarnishing of reputation and its impact on financial bottom lines. Seamless integration of systems accentuates the error with its cascading effect on entire ecosystem. Testing is crucial for reducing these impacts. Yet the soaring cost, time and effort required for adequate testing limits the corporate flexibility and responsiveness to changing business conditions.

Our Services

Testing today’s highly complex software is a distinct competency that requires trained specialists, automated tools and a readiness to respond to the cyclical resource demands of release-driven development efforts.

4iSoft has well-defined, finely-honed testing processes, experienced resources and a proven track record. We fully appreciate the criticality of testing services to our customers’ businesses and thereby provide an end-to-end, cost effective and comprehensive testing solutions with a quick turnaround.

4iSoft can be your independent partner for the entire gamut of software testing services, assuring you of improved performance and ultimate quality along with significant cost savings on test efforts.


Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are triggering a fundamental shift in the way people experience computing and use mobile phones, as reinforced by widely published statistics. Enterprise mobile apps are no longer a “nice to have”—they’ve become essential enablers of organizational transformation by increasing operational efficiency, accelerating time-to-decision, deepening customer engagement and streamlining workflow processes.

The 4iSoft Mobile Team of creative designers, analysts, developers, testers and project managers work with our customers to ensure the highest production value and efficiency of mobile device application development, including iOS and Android platforms.

Before you jump into the mobile space, it’s imperative to have a strategy that is governed by market dynamics. 4iSoft helps you put together the roadmap and architecture that will guide which type of mobile applications suit your need. To get a fast and cost-effective presentation on mobile devices, you could use either of the two approaches.

  1. Designing and optimizing websites for mobile browsing
  2. Mobile HTML5 applications with native-like user experience


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