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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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Public Sector Technology Solutions

Dozens of public entities rely on Ventiv's claims, risk, policy, and safety solutions to meet their top priorities: reducing claim costs and premium spend; enhancing operational efficiency; and guaranteeing the safety of citizens, employees, and contractors. From experience, we know public entities operate under intense scrutiny. Ventiv offers the most modern, capable technology solutions to support your organizational goals—and the experience to deploy them successfully.

Capture Intake

Intake Solutions

Essential for public entities collecting data from end-users in the field

Ventiv Digital, our groundbreaking data-intake tool, is a must-have for any organization that collects data from the field, like claim and incident intake. Public entities have a higher level of care for their communities, and Ventiv Digital makes loss-prevention activities like site surveys and safety inspections more effective. Easy to administer and easy to use, Ventiv Digital integrates seamlessly with Ventiv IRM and Ventiv Claims.

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Core Admin

Core Administration

Ventiv Claims, the examiner-preferred system for self-administered public entities

As claim costs and expenses escalate, self-administered public entities need a core administration system that promotes an efficient and sustainable claim system. Ventiv Claims automates processes, improves productivity and consistency, and delivers the efficiency gains claim organizations need.

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The State of Georgia and:

Flexible reporting in the service of reducing claim costs

Before going live with Ventiv Claims in 2014, reporting was a huge issue. Our customers are State agencies across the State of Georgia. We were trying to encourage them to implement safety and maintenance processes to help reduce their claim costs, but giving them the data they needed to tell their story was a very manual process.  

IT Director
Risk Management Services (RMS) division
State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services


Policy and Underwriting

Meet the demands of an ever-changing world. Ventiv Policy™, a flexible tool built for the modern insurance landscape, sets the standard for policy-administration systems. Ventiv Policy is a user-friendly, end-to-end policy-administration platform designed to guide insurers through all processes from underwriting to renewal.

The platform helps public entities reduce their administrative costs and respond to regulatory compliance needs. Ventiv Policy also helps public entities achieve significant operational savings through automated workflows that leverage risk scoring and predictive analytics.

Policy administration from Ventiv covers many lines of business, including workers’ compensation, general liability, property, AL/APD, E&O, D&O, and medical professional liability.


Public Sector Analytics

Advanced Risk Analytics

Understand trends and reduce costs with Ventiv Analytics

Public entities face intensive scrutiny of claim costs and expenses. Ventiv's risk management solutions feature the market's most advanced analytics capabilities. Analyze and control claims spend more effectively than ever with Ventiv IRM's advanced analytics capabilities.

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Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce

Ventiv robotic process automation delivers flexible, cost-effective automation

Ventiv RPA automates tasks that require a great deal of manual, repetitive work. Think claim assignment, severity coding, and certificate tracking—even straight-through processing of relatively simple claims. Any activity is a good candidate for RPA if it requires gathering external data; pointing-and-clicking; typing; double entry of information; values checking; and the like. For public entities, Ventiv RPA is a great opportunity to enhance operational efficiency. 

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