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Successful Process Automation Begins Here

Robotic process automation (RPA) is gaining traction as a way of automating tedious, repetitive tasks. RPA frees skilled staff to perform higher-value functions (like focusing on claim settlement or loss mitigation). Ventiv RPA delivers strong return on investment.

The Ventiv RPA Advantage

Across virtually every industry and sector, employees are being asked to handle heavier workloads and process greater volumes of data. Robotic process automation is still an emerging technology, but it already has a proven record of improving efficiency. RPA also improves job satisfaction since—in typical deployments—RPA eliminates tasks that skilled staff do not like to perform.

Compared to other, more advanced forms of cognitive automation, RPA is much more cost-effective and easier to deploy in targeted uses. However, deploying RPA for maximum return on investment requires a skillset specific to the industry and processes in question. Ventiv RPA has been created specifically to meet the needs of the risk and insurance, claims administration, and safety management industries.

RPA Solutions

Flexible, cost-effective automation

Ventiv RPA is a flexible, cost-effective way to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer service, and shore up an organization’s competitive position.

For claim organizations and risk and insurance teams, Ventiv RPA automates the kinds of tasks that require a great deal of manual, repetitive work: gathering external data; pointing-and-clicking; typing; double entry of information; values checking; and the like.

Ventiv RPA integrates any Ventiv solution (Ventiv IRM, Ventiv Claims, and/or Ventiv Digital) with virtually any kind of application: websites, email systems, word-processing applications, PDF readers, spreadsheets, and even specialized legacy systems, like policy systems.


See how Ventiv RPA can help you

Claims RPA

Claims RPA

Claim organizations and insurers seek to build responsive, high-growth businesses; however, it may not be possible to accommodate these priorities by increasing staffing levels proportionately. Because the claims process will always be document- and data-intensive, Ventiv RPA is designed to help claim organizations streamline a wide range of processes: from claim assignment and coding to the integration of claim information from disparate sources and systems to straight-through processing.

Risk & Insurance RPA

Risk & Insurance RPA

Like their counterparts in other professions, most risk and insurance teams are being asked to do more with fewer staff resources. At the same time, employees are being required to process more data as they perform their duties. Ventiv RPA can help with labor intensive tasks like validating insurance renewal values or managing certificates of insurance.

RPA Benefits

Ventiv RPA Benefits

  • Extensive domain knowledge in claims administration and risk and insurance
  • The ability to design RPA bots, or digital workers, in and around Ventiv products
  • The ability to integrate systems and automate services across Ventiv products and an organization’s other products and systems, including legacy systems
  • Ventiv offers business process outsourcing that can manage bot creation for both Ventiv-hosted and client-hosted solutions


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