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Capture, Manage and Analyze Data

Transform Data into Insights with RiskConsole Advance

Whether you’re managing risk, safety or insurance programs, your job is more challenging than ever. More data. Increased business complexity. Greater security risks. Heightened expectations. Less time to respond, and with fewer resources.

RiskConsole Advance empowers you to take control of your organization’s data and achieve the clarity you need to make fully informed decisions. Improve your efficiency and maximize scarce resources—while getting back the time you need to think and act strategically.

With your processes optimized, best practices embedded and knowledge converted, you have raised your risk technology maturity level to drive better results and make your risk management department more resilient. 

Optimize TCOR and insurance spend

Total cost of risk (TCOR) is the ultimate indicator of an enterprise’s risk and insurance performance.
RiskConsole gives you a comprehensive, accurate picture of your organization’s TCOR

TCOR Savings

TCOR is invaluable when evaluating insurance spend, renewals and submissions, and producing internal benchmark reports. RiskConsole consolidates all elements of the enterprise’s TCOR, including claim, property/COPE, exposure, policy and other risk-related data from multiple external sources and internal systems. Along the way, the benefits add up for you and your team year over year.

  • Make smart, timely and confident decisions.
  • Become more efficient Make more time for big-picture, high-value activities.
  • Engage your organization in risk management.

The Value of RiskConsole Advance

Improve efficiencies

Single source
Manage and monitor your renewal data collection, incidents and claims, policies, ERM, cost allocation, risk financing and more from one integrated system.

Workflow automation
Enables your team to spend more time on improving risk management programs by automating manual processes, such as data consolidation, validation, alerts and sending reports, questionnaires and invoices.

Sharing information
Allows collaboration across all your business practices to aid the timely completion of tasks.

Improve effectiveness

High-quality data
Provides a consistent and structured way to capture, manage, store and share risk and insurance data insights across all your operations and from unrelated systems.

Cash-flow control
Enables you to performance-manage vendors and monitor cash flow and the financial impact for all your claims.

Confidence in your submissions
Present high-quality information in a clear and credible way to underwriters that differentiates your risk and helps you go-to-market with confidence.

Justify insurance programs
View and understand all your risk, exposures and coverage limits; justify your approaches to (and the costs of) risk transfer and retention, risk management and loss prevention.

Improve compliance

Audit capabilities
Provides a complete audit trail to ensure regulatory compliance and best practices.

Security protocols
Ensures business units as well as the risk and insurance team comply with rigorous global standards for information security.


Drive performance

RiskConsole provides an unrivaled breadth of capabilities for you manage your daily risk management challenges. With ready-to-go packages that fulfill an organization’s typical needs, it’s easy to get the right solution.


An approach aligned with your requirements

As a modular system, it's easy to get started tackling key priorities right out of the box or RiskConsole can be tailored to your business requirements. And, as your business needs change, RiskConsole grows and adapts with you. 

Incident Management

Incident Management

Allow your managers to focus on their core business and drive your client’s satisfaction. RiskConsole allows you to effectively manage the complete incident lifecycle. Capture all incidents, notify and escalate to management, investigate and identify root causes, use analytics to identify the best corrective measures for your budget. Learn More >

Insurance Renewal Data Collection

Insurance Renewal Data Collection

Improve the efficiency of insurance renewal data collection and optimize program design.RiskConsole streamlines the renewal of insurance policies by automating the collection, consolidation and analysis of your organization’s risk and exposure data. Get up to 75% more time for planning optimal program design. Learn More >

Policy / Program Management

Policy / Program Management

A holistic approach to managing policies and insurance programs.RiskConsole manages your organization’s insurance policies, including premiums, limits & conditions, loss ratios, aggregate erosion, premium flows, and insurer exposure. With analytics and oversight to help ensure adequate coverage plus maximize the coverage for your premium spend. Learn More >

Claims Management

Claims Management

Take control of your claims and drive your premiums down. RiskConsole allows you to be in control of your claim situation with one central repository with reduced reporting costs and automatic consolidation from TPA/insurers. Optimize your process and gain analytic insights to operational and financial performance. Learn More >

 and Property Loss Control-Thumb.jpg

Risk Engineering and Property Loss Control

Move to a proactive risk improvement program with best use of loss control budgets.RiskConsole enables improved survey program management through a central repository of survey results, including recommendations and temporary impairments. With monitoring and analytic insights to help your risk improvement decision making. Learn More >



Empowering the managing of risk across your enterprise. RiskConsole provides improved management of risk and alignment with your ERM framework, including identification, assessments, controls and actions. With easy consolidation, aggregation, linkage, and reporting on the risk landscape, progress and movements. All facilitating the maximum value from your ERM process. Learn More >

Safety Management

Safety Management

Increase the effectiveness of your EHS program with RiskConsole. Capture all types of incidents, near misses and observations. Investigate, identify root causes and take corrective action. Successfully target your loss control measures, drive best practice and compliance with local legislation (OSHA, RIDDOR). Integrate with audits and safety meetings. Learn More >

Exposure & Asset Management

Exposure & Asset Management

A centralized repository enables a stronger negotiating position for risk transfer. RiskConsole allows you to maintain a detailed register of all exposures/assets, including properties with their location, usage, values and COPE details. Understand the global profile of your risks and secure the best premium rates. Learn More >

Cost Allocation / Calculation

Cost Allocation / Calculation

Provide an efficient, transparent, compliant and risk aware process to help embed risk management. RiskConsole provides a robust framework to accurately allocate premiums, retained claim costs or other risk management costs. Provide objective and transparent models to justify to business units and for audit compliance. Learn More >

Performance Management

Performance Management

Monitor and proactively optimize your and external vendor performance. RiskConsole allows you to proactively manage against your objectives and key performance indicators (like TCOR) to help drive results and operational excellence. Integrate your RiskConsole information with additional business context information to allow the best decisions to be made. Learn More >



In the last 18 months, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds in our productivity and the value we’re delivering to this organization. Hyatt has an established culture of safety. Hotels have fully embraced the RiskConsole portal, because they can now proactively manage the financials related to certain types of claims.


Director of Risk Management



What’s made my life simpler is RiskConsole’s ability to aggregate data from various sources into one place. Data from our partners is automatically uploaded into RiskConsole and placed alongside the data from our internal team to give us the complete view of our claims book.


Systems and Data Manager in the Insurable Risk Team

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