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Enterprise Legal and Spend Management Solutions

Ventiv ELM is a full-featured enterprise legal management solution, available as a standalone system or fully integrated with Ventiv Claims. Ventiv ELM gives legal departments total visibility into every aspect of a legal matter. For claim administrators using Ventiv Claims, Ventiv ELM links every legal matter to its corresponding claim. Ventiv ELM empowers attorneys and adjusters to collaborate to resolve litigation and the associated claims in the most appropriate, cost-effective manner. It’s the ultimate enterprise legal management solution that lets you work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

ELM from the most-trusted name in core-administration solutions

For more than 20 years, Ventiv Claims has been the claim technology market’s most feature-rich core administration system. We’ve put our experience with insurance claims and the associated litigation to work in developing Ventiv ELM. Ventiv ELM gives self-insureds, TPAs, in-house legal departments, and insurers improved matter management, e-billing, financial/spend management, legal document management and business process management.


Benefit from integrated legal matter and claims systems

Claims and their associated legal matters generate an enormous volume of information to be tracked, including diaries, notes, correspondence, and a wide variety of documents. Ventiv is the only provider of core administration and legal spend management solutions to offer a fully integrated ELM solution. With Ventiv ELM and Ventiv Claims, you can:

  • Transfer and access that information more easily than ever
  • Ensure security by setting access permissions in one central place
  • Streamline system administration: only one administrator needed for two systems
  • New features for Ventiv ELM and Ventiv Claims are available right away for both legal claim staffs
  • Improve financial/legal spend management

Improve financial/spend management

Ventiv’s integrated claims and ELM solution provides significant benefits for managing financials. Organizations can realize cost savings by improved information availability for both budgets and invoices. Funnel all financials associated with a legal matter directly into the claim record, which improves reserve-setting on legal matters and payment processing at the claim level. Improve invoice management by, for example, paying only those invoices that meet budgeting criteria.


Better validate e-billing services

Ventiv ELM features interfaces with major legal e-billing providers. Budget and legal e-billing information loaded into Ventiv ELM becomes the integration point with outside law firms. Track and manage every dollar associated with each claim and the legal budget assigned to those claims. Better manage legal spend by tracking amounts, negotiated fee reductions, and payment amounts. Prepare comprehensive reviews and reports of legal spend, down to the most detailed level.


Improve collaboration with and management of outside counsel

Most organizations with in-house legal teams still work frequently with outside counsel. In-house attorneys need to track and manage cases, the documents associated with them, and decide when and how to resolve legal matters. Any organization with a legal department actively managing cases can enhance its ultimate responsibility—making the final legal decisions—with Ventiv ELM. Our enterprise legal management solutions provide transparency to your operations and allow you to be more responsive to clients.

Get real-time data availability between claims and legal management

With a two-system approach, claims and legal management systems are connected by an interface that can be costly and complex. Moreover, data sharing between the two systems usually won’t be in real-time. And there will be data inconsistencies. With Ventiv ELM and Ventiv Claims, all the communication tools are available for all users of the system on one system. Claims adjusters and attorneys get every piece of information right away, because every data element is already in a single system, available in real-time.


Supercharge legal matter analytics and reporting

With the powerful tools available in Ventiv Analytics, organizations can drive actionable insights and predict outcomes. Interactive dashboards, standard reports, and benchmarking data empower organizations to apply quantitative data to legal decision-making.


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