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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

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Ventiv Patient Safety

Ventiv Patient Safety helps healthcare organizations better understand safety events, improve the patient experience, and elevate the safety culture. With powerful, easy-to-use analytics and reporting capabilities, you can bring all your organization’s data into one place for data exploration and benchmarking against third-party data. Whether you’re a risk manager, patient safety manager, or patient relations manager, Ventiv is here to deploy a single system for your patient safety needs and deliver ongoing support.

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Event Reporting and Investigation

Ensure timely, complete event reporting

Your organization’s providers are busy caring for patients. But it’s important that they report events in a timely, complete manner. Ventiv Patient Safety’s event reporting and investigation tools make it fast and easy to report incidents. Use our industry-standard question set or customize your own forms.

On the investigation side, risk and patient safety managers need answers about individual events. They also need to identify trends to learn from them and prevent new events from occurring. Increasing transparency and developing best practices is also a priority. By storing all event-related data in one place, Ventiv Patient Safety’s powerful investigation and analytics tools empower your organization to conduct organized, confidential investigations:

  • Get event notifications based on criteria you establish, such as designated severity of harm
  • View and access all data around every event
  • Get real-time notifications when an event occurs
  • Based on security levels, share event-related information with the appropriate individuals within the organization
  • Have easy access to event reports and investigations, allowing you to have data at your fingertips to analyze the events for patterns and trends

Root Cause Analysis and Action Planning

Identify vulnerabilities and prevent events

Root cause analysis is an important means of identifying vulnerabilities and preventing the recurrence of high-severity, high-probability events. Conduct a more efficient root cause analysis with Ventiv Patient Safety. Integrate all the information surrounding an event into Ventiv’s single-system solution, streamlining a laborious, sometimes paper-based process while also including the integration of event data from multiple sources.

  • Manage the entire root cause analysis process, including interviews and corrective action plans all in one place
  • Improve transparency and collaboration around the process of root cause analysis and review
  • Create cause/effect diagrams and narrative timelines
  • Communicate findings and corrective actions to staff and management
  • Ensure confidentiality and security protections

Zero in on the factors that impact the cost of falls with Advanced Analytics powered by AI

Falls are a frequent occurrence at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. When falls occur, the costs can be shockingly high. See how Ventiv Analytics helps risk and patient safety managers cut through the noise and predict the most frequent key indicators which can impact falls.

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Patient Experience and Feedback

Beyond merely collecting patient compliments and complaints

When it comes to documenting the patient experience and soliciting feedback, just collecting compliments and complaints isn’t enough. With Ventiv Patient Safety, healthcare organizations can break down departmental silos and bring data together to identify trends and opportunities for an improved patient experience. And based on criteria established by the organization, patient relation managers and risk managers can be made aware of certain complaints and incorporate that information with event data to make positive changes for patients. 

Ventiv Analytics gives organizations the ability to learn from patient experience data. Benchmark internal patient satisfaction data against third-party data, including HCAHPS. You can also analyze patient-satisfaction data in relation to your organization’s event data, which opens the door to additional patient safety improvements.


Peer Review

Confidentially, securely link patient safety events with peer review

With Ventiv Patient Safety, healthcare organizations can link patient safety events with peer review. Based on an organization’s criteria, Ventiv Patient Safety allows risk managers or peer review specialists to be made aware of patient safety events that may require a peer review. Ventiv Patient Safety then automates the peer review process, enabling specialists to manage the process from start to finish: submit, edit, and store peer reviews; move the peer review through the workflow; and, once a final status has been decided, determine actions and assign roles.

The peer review process in Ventiv Patient Safety is secure and confidential; organizations set access-level permissions so that only designated members of the peer review committee have access to communications. With Ventiv Patient Safety, you can establish and adhere to guidelines for communications with peer review committees, including secure, confidential distribution of and access to committee minutes and other sensitive documentation.


Safety Huddles

Document daily safety meetings with mobile-enabled technology

Safety huddles are an important part of a healthcare organization’s culture of safety. With Ventiv Patient Safety’s mobile-enabled safety huddle tools, organizations can document these daily meetings in real-time and push the data to risk management and patient safety managers for analysis and action. Ventiv Patient Safety empowers you to cross-reference the data collected in safety huddles with event data, claims data and patient feedback. Help your organization better address patient safety concerns and support teamwork through cooperative problem solving with Ventiv Patient Safety.

Risk Matrix and Register

Automate and streamline an often laborious manual process

At many healthcare organizations, the risk-rating matrix and risk register are important methods for identifying risks that are likely to occur; however, manually performing a risk assessment and developing a risk register is often laborious and inefficient. With Ventiv Patient Safety’s risk matrix and register capabilities, it’s fast and efficient to track, score, and prioritize risks.

With Ventiv Patient Safety, the data collected in the root cause analysis and action planning process is available for the risk matrix and register process. You’re ready to score the risks and determine the likelihood and impact of those potential future events. Ventiv Patient Safety gives you the tools you need to focus on higher-risk events and determine the appropriate course of action.


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