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Prevent patient harm, improve care, and elevate safety

Provide quality care with technology designed to support your primary mission


We are excited about Ventiv Patient Safety because it’s easy to use and was designed specifically for healthcare by an RN with extensive experience in risk management. With this solution, we have all of our claims and incident data in one system, and we can better understand event trends and drivers with advanced analytics and reporting.

- Ric Henry, Managing Partner, BRP Pendulum

AI predictive analytics software for patient safety

Uncover hidden insights with AI and predictive analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of risks, predict outcomes, and take preventive action to optimize results. 

Report and investigate incidents accurately and efficiently

Capture every detail about every event.

Prevent future events with more efficient root cause analysis

Identify vulnerabilities and focus on the correct intervention.

Document daily safety huddles, a hallmark of high reliability organizations (HROs)

Ensure frontline staff and leadership stay informed and aware.

Track, score, and prioritize risks with ease

Automate processes for performing risk assessments and developing a risk register.

Investigate events with reliable data

Your providers are busy caring for patients, but it’s important to report and investigate events in a timely manner. With customizable forms designed for your needs, you can report incidents quickly and easily. Store all of your event data in one place and conduct confidential investigations.

  • Receive real-time notifications when an event occurs
  • View and access all data related to every event
  • Share information with appropriate individuals based on security levels
  • Access event reports and investigations in a single system
  • Analyze events for patterns and trends
  • Increase transparency and develop best practices

Learn from adverse events and take preventive action

With root cause analysis, healthcare organizations can identify vulnerabilities and prevent the recurrence of adverse events.

  • Manage interviews and conduct root cause analysis all in one place
  • Communicate findings and corrective actions to staff and management
  • Streamline complex, often paper-based processes
  • Integrate data from multiple sources
  • Improve transparency and collaboration throughout the root cause analysis process
  • Ensure confidentiality and security protections

Create vigilant teams and improve patient safety with daily safety briefings

Patient safety huddles are hallmarks of high reliability organizations. These daily meetings provide the opportunity to: 

  • Share events that occurred in the last 24 hours
  • Anticipate potential disruption in the next 24 hours
  • Review approach to resolve previous issues
  • Assign resources to correct any newly identified issues

With a unified patient safety solution, your staff can: 

  • Instantly send data to risk management and patient safety managers for analysis and action
  • Submit photographs, video, and sound recordings, and select locations on a map
  • Cross-reference the data collected in patient safety huddles with event data, claims data, and patient feedback to establish a more transparent safety program

Easily identify and evaluate the probability and severity of risks

At many healthcare organizations, the risk-rating matrix and risk register are important methods for identifying risks that are likely to occur. Now you can simplify these processes and determine risk priorities.

  • Increase visibility of risks and make data-driven decisions on how to address them
  • Score your risks and determine the likelihood and impact of potential future events
  • Prioritize higher risks and take preventive action
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your risk management strategies

Identify the factors that impact the cost of falls with AI-powered analytics

Falls are a frequent occurrence at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. When falls occur, the costs can be shockingly high. See how AI-powered analytics can help risk and patient safety managers predict the most frequent key indicators that can impact falls.

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