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Incident Management

Managing the complete incident lifecycle

Visibility for foresight & prevention

Analyze your incident data to understand trends, spot common root causes, focus your safety initiatives and avoid future incidents.

Integrated EHS management

Have the complete event picture and one source of truth from global and local perspectives to drive awareness and accountability.

Proactive operational control & analysis

Improve effectiveness with timely & effective incident notification, routing & escalations, investigations, and root cause analysis.

Reduce expenditure

Rationalize the EHS systems plus eliminate unnecessary handling fees by only reporting specific incidents to third-party administrators.

Ventiv’s incident management tools give you the ability to effectively manage the full life cycle of your incidents.  This starts with the initial incident reporting and the subsequent management alerts and escalation protocols as incidents become claims.

Ventiv's incident management system assists with decision making by helping to focus your loss prevention investments and activities while providing analytics for monitoring performance and trends. The system gives you the ability to get local, regional and global user perspectives, all linked with audit and risk management to truly provide a 360 degree view of your incidents.

Decrease your incident reporting time

The timely notification and reporting of incidents concerning your assets, facilities and employees is critical to effectively manage and mitigate potential losses. Even minor incidents can result in substantial financial loss. Timely, accurate and complete notification of incidents allows claims handlers to intervene and ensure appropriate actions are taken..

Multiple intake options, including mobile iOS and Android platforms, web reporting and third-party imports.


Identify hazards and trends to prevent future incidents

Aggregating your incident information improves your ability to identify trends and highlight areas that need attention, including workplace modification to prevent future incidents.

Tracking and analyzing incident data on an aggregate basis provides the insight needed to set key performance goals and communicate results to all constituents.

Effective management and oversight

Your operational effectiveness can be improved with:

  • Standardization of processes to drive best practice
  • Timely notification of incidents
  • Automated incident management escalations
  • Systematic incident investigations and root cause identification
  • Analytics to help identify trends and direct loss prevention activites 
  • Automated monitoring of actions to advise of pending due dates and issue reminders for overdue items.

Maximize your incident budgets

Consolidating EHS and associated risk activites allows you to optimize the incident budget.

The rationalization of the EHS systems eliminates unnecessary expenditure on multiple overlapping systems plus avoids inefficient manual processes.

Additionally you can experience benefits from only reporting specifically required incidents to third-party administrators and avoiding unnecessary handling charges.


To provide accuracy and timeliness, Ventiv’s flexible forms provide a dynamic interface for occasional users to utilize with no training. Embedded instructions and validation in non-insurance language drives quality and usage levels. Plus the forms dynamically respond to just show the relevant questions to further enhance the experience.


Regulatory reporting for OSHA is built in and other regulatory reporting is also available (e.g. RIDDOR) to ensure you remain compliant with local HSE regulations.


The incident reporting forms have many deployment options covering mobile, anonymous and off-line modes. These allow you to roll-out your incident reporting process to your companies intranet and when on the move.


Only by understanding the actual root cause of the incident can your corrective actions eliminate the re-occurrence of the incident. Fully analyze and record the root causes of your incidents, including attaching supporting documentation and linking to the need follow-up actions.



Ensure you are being proactive in improving your incident performance and have visibility on their progress. Actions can be triggered from incident reports, investigations, audits or safety meetings. Automatic alerts assign, remind and chase action owners.


Ventiv provides a full set of analytic capabilities to provide insights and trends on your incidents plus the ability to monitor performance targets. Graphical widgets for KPI's and fundamental safety metrics are available in many chart and graphic formats allowing for full visualization of your data including geographical analysis.



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