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Technology Innovation of the Year

Awarded for our clinical trials certificate solution with Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

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Ventiv Technology

Transform the way you manage your risk and insurance information.

Eliminate data silos and reduce administrative burden while uncovering hidden insights to enable optimal outcomes.

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Lower your Total Cost of Risk by 4-9% and reduce claim frequency and severity with data-driven decisions and clear connections between risks and business outcomes.

Capture, consolidate, and integrate data to establish a central source of truth. Discover trends and quantify risk with real-time analytics. Reduce your administrative burden with automated processes that drive best practices across the business.

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How Can Data Analytics Support Risk Managers?


How Can Data Analytics Support Risk Managers?

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Claims software built by examiners, for examiners.

Maximize your efficiency with analytics and rule-based workflows that result in consistent claims handling and lower claim costs. Manage all of your compliance requirements in a single system and support a remote workforce with a paperless environment. Integrate data from multiple sources to assist with claim scoring, reserving processes, and payment processing. Gain a deeper understanding of claims, predict outcomes, and take preventive action to improve performance.

Our claims solutions are built to comply with local jurisdictions. Our Claims Administration solution is primarily designed for users in the United States, and our Claims Management solution supports users around the world.

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County of Los Angeles-Focusing on the Big Picture


County of Los Angeles

The County of Los Angeles has set a new standard for public entities with a single platform for risk management and claims administration.

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Spend 70% less time gathering data for renewals with timely, accurate information.

Manage the entire lifecycle of a policy in a single platform. Streamline access to data and deliver timely information to executives, underwriters, and agents. Secure competitive rates with real-time analysis of premium, risk, and deductible factors. Improve the experience for your members and staff with self-service offerings and reduced manual processing.

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The 21 questions every policy administrator should ask themselves


The 21 questions every policy administrator should ask themselves

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Achieve better outcomes with confident decisions powered by trusted analytics, services, and technology.


70% Reduction

in Time Gathering for Renewals


50% Savings

in Incident Reporting Costs


9% Reduction

in Total Cost of Risk


33% Reduction

in Jumper Claims Costs

Why should Risk Managers use AI-Powered Analytics? This short video covers 7 reasons just focused on claims. Watch the video ►


InVentiv Stories from Our Customers

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Elevates their Incident Reporting Process


The County of Los Angeles

Transforms its risk and claims technology systems and processes.

County of Los Angeles


Improves Service to Members while Maximizing Productivity.



Making the Grade with Proactive Property-Loss Prevention.



Accelerates Clinical Trials by Automating Insurance Certificate Issuance.


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