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A Better Way to Identify Risk, Enforce Compliance, and Evaluate Environment, Health and Safety

Keep your Workforce Safe with Ventiv’s Environment, Health and Safety Module and Risk Management Software 

Environment, health and safety (EHS) concerns are all around, and staying ahead of hazards in your EHS risk management practice is very challenging. Because environment, health and safety concerns encompass everything from natural disasters to hardware hazards to poor ergonomics causing bodily injury, making sure you’re protecting yourself and your employees from risk is a critical aspect of EHS.  From assessing existing process setups to making sure new changes to your work environment go as planned, there are so many different areas of risk, loss, and compliance that EHS risk managers need to keep up with to ensure your operation runs smoothly. 

Since every work environment is unique, it can be difficult for safety managers to identify risks, enforce compliance and best practices, or assess the success of safety training programs and initiatives when it comes to environment, health and safety management. Knowing where to look for risk is just the start, you also need to be able to identify areas of future risk. 

Effective risk management involves combining historical data to get a good picture of what to monitor and where to look next and keeping your workforce up to date on changes or incidents– all while making sure that you’re filing reporting and documenting your procedures to remain compliant with regulatory bodies. 

But the days of managing risk with manual spreadsheets are behind us.  

Reduce Manual Work in Risk Management 

Contemporary safety tools like Ventiv's EHS Module integrate safety into every facet of the company and drastically reduce the manual work involved in risk management. Ventiv’s EHS module addresses every aspect of risk identification, compliance preparation, and safety evaluation. By combining your datasets into one platform, Ventiv helps risk and safety managers draw clear connections between loss experience and preventative measures, including safety meetings, surveys, training, and audits. By centralizing your organization's pre-loss and post-loss data in one place, you can get new, actionable insight into all areas of your EHS practice.

Improve Risk Management

The environment, health, and safety solutions from Ventiv improve risk management and safety procedures to lessen pre-loss exposure in a variety of ways and put the power in the hands of your risk managers and end users. With Ventiv, mobile devices can be used to rapidly report incidents and investigations from the field, standardizing your incident intake. Custom forms can be leveraged to record incidents such as injuries, property damage, car accidents, environmental dangers, illnesses, and more. User-friendly surveys with questions that adjust based on prior responses streamline the data collection process, making it simpler for risk managers to review an incident and prevent it in the future. 

Simplify Root Cause Analysis

Ventiv dramatically simplifies the creation of a root cause analysis and empowers you to monitor its outcomes, while taking into account conditions and behaviors that led to the original incident. As you continue to hone your EHS risk management and iterate on your internal processes, Ventiv will help you conduct safety audits on the go with mobile features that have revolutionary trending and scoring features. 

Deploy Automations, Alerts, and Notifications

To disseminate meeting themes and compile meeting outcomes, use Ventiv’s push technology to send your documentation to your business partners. Create remedial actions and recommendations in relation to incidents, audits, and meetings, and monitor their completion. 

You can also use Ventiv’s solutions to reduce manual labor on your part by setting up automations for specific types of issues or recommendations–depending on your organization’s needs, you can configure Ventiv to automatically send alerts and triggers during incidents or meetings. Use Ventiv to store documents and rules pertaining to safety initiatives that should be stored for easy retrieval. Easily do complicated research to discover the underlying causes of events and enhance your practice. 

Leverage Deep Analytics

If you’re worried about how to report on your activities, Ventiv has you covered. Ventiv’s state-of-the-art analytics do all the complex analysis for you. Swiftly and simply determine the "why" underlying an event, identify places to concentrate your attention on, and remove any personal prejudice. Leverage these analytics to identify hazards, ensure compliance, and build best practices through gaining insight. Take these insights a step further by creating personalized dashboards for particular users, and keeping an eye on KPIs in real-time. With improved scoring and trending capabilities, evaluate the success of safety and loss-control programs, and schedule and deliver reports automatically based on your needs. 

You can even create dashboards to track and trend your safety improvement and enable the real-time printing of OSHA logs when facilities require them.

Change the way you think about risk engineering and safety management. To learn more about how Ventiv’s Health and Safety module can help your company determine hazards, ensure compliance, and assess how well your mitigation strategies are working, book a demo now.


Sep 7, 2023

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