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Our Favorite Books About Risk Management

Angus Rhodes


Large corporations employ risk managers and even dedicated risk management departments. However, the reality is that most small businesses delegate that function to managers or even small business owners who may not enjoy formal training in all aspects of this discipline. In fact, many companies rely upon outside consultants or even their insurance brokers and companies for many risk management functions. Of course, even good risk professionals have more than a casual interest in broadening and deepening their knowledge about the critical role that they play for their company.

Interesting Books About Risk Management

In order to communicate with third parties and other employees, many business owners and managers could use a quick course in risk management in the form of a useful book on the topic. Consider some of our top picks:

1. Against the Gods by Peter L. Bernstein

This is not a how-to risk management book, but rather, it is a book about the surprisingly ancient history of humanity's attempt to exercise control over the future and manage our own destinies. The author's premise is that the world history of risk management is the story of humanity's struggle against superstition and ignorance. While sure to entertain and educate anybody interested in risk management, this book might also be a great gift for a boss who doesn't understand the importance of risk management.

2. Principals of Risk Management and Insurance by George E. Reijda

This text book's intended audience is mostly undergraduate college students. However, it can also serve as a good primer for aspiring or acting industry professionals. Readers have reviewed this textbook as easy to understand, and it could serve as a good read for managers and business owners who need to understand more about managing their company's risk and insurance policies.

3. Insurance Concepts & Coverage by Marshall Wilson III Reavis

For most companies, managing insurance takes up a large share of the overall risk management strategy. The book could help managers understand the basics of insurance, and it might also be useful for relatively new insurance agents who want to help their clients manage risk better with insurance policies.

4. Risk: A Very Short Introduction by Baruch Fischoff & John Kadvany

With only 144 pages, this book might serve as the perfect introduction to risk management for those busy professionals who only have time to read during their commute or lunch hour. While promoted as short and not technical, this Oxford Press book serves as a great primer for all sorts of company stakeholders and even the general public. Also, by including it, we are managing the risk that some readers might find the other books too time consuming to study. Conveniently, the book is available in paperback and eBook.

Are These All of the Books on Risk Management?

These books are mostly primers for people who don't already have an extensive and formal education in risk management. They are also readily available at popular online bookstores. Of course, at Ventiv Technology, we like to believe that we wrote the book on risk management, and we hope you will learn more about our risk management software solutions.



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May 31, 2015

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