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Ventiv billing software for insurance industry

Billing software designed for insurance professionals

Complete your administration suite, increase efficiency with automation, and provide better service to your customers.

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Our comprehensive billing system was designed by insurance professionals to meet the unique demands of the insurance world. At its foundation, Ventiv Billing focuses on leveraging Ventiv's industry expertise and the latest and greatest technology to produce a best-in-class billing experience.

Morgan Barlet, Product Manager

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Manage billing for your specific insurance needs

Billing specialties include premium, deductible, and commission.

Automate the full billing process from start to finish

Automatically create payment plans and installments with source system integration.

Access from anywhere, on any device

Enhance efficiency and user acceptance with a modern experience.

Create a seamless admin lifecycle based on your needs

Integrate with other products or use standalone.

Achieve ultimate flexibility in billing for insurance

Enhance the billing workflow and cycle with improved data integrity, automated workflows, better usability, and greater efficiency.

  • Full Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) management
  • Automated installment creation
  • Automated invoice creation and distribution
  • ACH and Credit Card intake with self-service functionality
  • Automated workflows for late warnings, cancellation, late fees, and more
  • Highly configurable user settings
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • Messaging center with instant messaging and internal commenting

Improve efficiency with a unified solution

Imagine creating a policy, and as soon as a user clicks the “bind” button, a billing workflow starts instantly.

Now you can automate the full billing process, including:

  • Creating installments
  • Posting and distributing invoices
  • Monitoring late workflow
  • Sending late notifications
  • Processing cancellations

Generate a strong return on investment by reducing manual data entry, monitoring payments and due dates, and triggering key actions promptly.

Manage your billing with an intuitive user experience on any device

Now you can use any device to manage your billing: mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Streamline processes with a single click. Improve the user experience with a modern interface that is easy to learn and navigate.

Complete your unique admin suite

Whether you need to replace your entire admin suite or are only looking for a billing system, our software is designed to suit your requirements.

You can integrate with other Ventiv products or third-party systems, or you can use the billing system standalone. Cutting-edge architecture and restful APIs make it easy to interface with other platforms.

Improve efficiency and customer service with modern billing technology

Installment Automation

Calculate, create, and adjust installments automatically throughout a billing lifecycle with configurable parameters.


Configure invoices for specific users or design them for each billing fund in your organization.

Reports & Dashboards

Choose from a library of standard reports, dashboards, and letters or easily configure your own.

Self-service Payment Intake

Provide your users with a portal to make self-service payments via EFT, credit card, check, cash, lockbox, and more.

Process & Report Scheduler

Schedule the execution of processes and distribution of reports based on a workflow event or date.

Configurable Parameters and Thresholds

Define and operate your own billing methods, installment types, short pay thresholds, and more.

AR & AP Management

Track all incoming payments and provide full reconciliation at both the installment and payment plan levels. Fully track payables and generate checks accordingly.

Payment Plans

Create a hub for all installment activity, including installment creation, financial aggregation, and corresponding entity information.

Messaging Center

Communicate in real time with instant messaging. Staff and bill payers can contact one another in the portal with internal comments.

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