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Why Robot?

We are in exciting times. Robotic process automation (RPA) is cutting-edge technology that is already in widespread use and delivering strong return on investment in industries and sectors of all kinds.

RPA is enhancing operational efficiency by allowing bots, or ‘digital workers,’ to perform manual, repetitive tasks once done by human workers. RPA not only has a positive impact on accuracy, productivity and the bottom line, but also it allows for a more motivated workforce who can then concentrate on more interesting and less laborious parts of their jobs.

Ventiv Technology's Chief Information Officer, Peter Yang was recently asked by INSURANCE POST (subscription required) to comment on the topic of AI and RPA, specifically where this technology can make a difference to claims and policy systems. He explains: “Because claims and policy systems are often administered separately with no effective interface, many organisations require the loss adjuster to manually enter policy information into the claim record before the claim can be assessed. Because RPA bots mimic exactly the same process that a loss adjuster would have performed in capturing and re-keying policy data into the claims system, and because RPA bots do that by going through the policy system user interface (just as a loss adjuster would), there’s no need for expensive integration efforts. You simply ‘teach’ the bots to do the job and then that repetitive task is no longer the loss adjuster’s responsibility.” 

At Ventiv, we’ve embraced the BENEFITS OF RPA, which means that many of our clients in insurance and claims management are already starting to reap the rewards of better operational efficiency. While it might all sound like something out of science fiction, we’re not looking at robots taking over the workforce. Essentially, they work alongside humans and help to remove many of the non-skilled tasks that skilled workers do. Checks by people should still be made, but the manual aspect of the task can be removed.

Some of the tasks that our RPA bots can do:

  • Automate the capture of risk, claims, or safety information,
  • Automate forms and letters,
  • Auto-reserve.

Ventiv RPA bots can be specifically designed to interact with the applications you use, thus helping meet your company's needs. Forming part of your Ventiv IRM software and risk management information system gives you the ability to save time on manual processes and human error. This not only good for your business reputation and team motivation, but it also impacts your bottom line. It’s essentially a win-win.

To get started on your journey to successful process automation, CONTACT US TO SCHEDULE A DEMO to find out how Ventiv can help you.

Peter Yang is Ventiv Technology’s Chief Information Officer. Contact Peter at PETER.YANG@VENTIVTECH.COM BioPeter


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Feb 13, 2019

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