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Top Gun Award Winners Announced

ATLANTA, GA – Ventiv’s first annual Top Gun Awards were recently handed out to recognize the Top 10 employees in the company based on their contribution to Ventiv over the course of 2020. Two employees were selected from the Sales Team based on “First Year Bookings Value”. The other 8 employees were selected by our employees and leadership team using the following criteria:

  • Individual contribution to the success of the organization.
  • How the nominee exemplifies Ventiv Values ( Competence, Professionalism, Quality, Customer Centric)
  • Any other notable facts about the employee on why they would be considered a Top Gun.

The winners for 2020 are:

  • Josh McCord
  • Kevin Hargis
  • Poornima Raj
  • Lorenzo Galligani
  • Morgan Barlet
  • Amanda Crowder
  • Dan Kolcz
  • Jason Murton
  • Leslie Sargent
  • Joe Masek
  • Jeff Ninowski
  • David Thomas