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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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Ventiv Digital: Mobile Solutions for the Insurance Sector

Powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use, Ventiv Digital ensures that your organization's field users provide high-quality, complete risk, insurance and claims information.

Digital Intake

For virtually any process

Streamline risk, insurance and claims processes requiring data intake

If it requires data intake from the field, Ventiv Digital is designed to support it. Ventiv Digital guides users through a survey-style interface that’s easy to understand and use. Users can upload photos, videos and audio files and pin locations to a map—even give their signature on the native iOS and Android apps for mobile devices. Use Ventiv Digital to improve data intake for:

  • Incident notification
  • Claim notification
  • Safety inspections
  • Property surveys
  • Exposure-value collection
  • Audits & assessments
  • Certificate requests
Choose your Device

Choose your device

Use Ventiv Digital on computer, smartphone and tablet—including native iOS and Android apps

Let your users choose how they submit information. A user providing exposure values or fulfilling certificate requests might prefer to use a computer. A user performing a loss-control inspection might prefer to use Ventiv Digital on a tablet. Users can begin a survey on a mobile device and complete it on a computer, or vice versa. Ventiv Digital does not require an active data connection; data synchronizes immediately and automatically when the user is online again.
Capture Body Part

Get better data

Get accurate, comprehensive data from the field

Increase the value of data collected in the field. Ensure accuracy with mandatory questions and variance thresholds. Dynamic branching logic ensures you get the right information: Question sets change based on the user’s previous responses.

For incident reporting, Ventiv Digital empowers risk, insurance and claims managers to respond to events more quickly and with complete information.

For tasks like property surveys, safety inspections and exposure-value collection, Ventiv Digital is easy for end users to master—no training required.

Digital Workforce

Powerful self-service

Easy to set up and administer—even design forms in Excel and upload them into Ventiv Digital

It’s easy for administrators to create and self-administer survey forms in Ventiv Digital. Once forms are set up, it’s simple to modify them as needed. For administrators wishing to use Excel spreadsheets, you can formulate question sets in Excel and then upload them into Ventiv Digital for automatic configuration. Although supported across multiple devices, administrators design only one form: Ventiv Digital’s responsive design presents users with the format optimized for their device.
Shorten Response Times

Shorten response times

Seamless integration with Ventiv IRM, Claims and Policy solutions—data available immediately for action and analysis

The longer it takes to respond to an incident, the more expensive it can become. Ventiv Digital makes data gathered in the field immediately available for action and analysis. Ventiv Digital empowers organizations to collect event-related data more quickly and accurately than ever before. Ventiv Digital integrates seamlessly with Ventiv’s risk, insurance and claims stack.


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