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The County of LA is Setting a New Standard for Public Entity Risk and Claims Management

In partnership with Ventiv, the County of Los Angeles has transformed their risk and claims technology and processes. By replacing multiple disparate software systems across departments and centralizing services, the County is now uniquely positioned to view and respond to risk throughout the entire organization in real time.

With this unified approach, the County provides greater accessibility, more personalized services, and an overall better customer experience for employees and constituents alike. By using a fully integrated solution for all their risk and claims programs, the County has set a new standard for public entities not only in California or the United States, but the entire world.


Integrated Risk and Claims Solution for the County of LA

Major elements of the County’s new solution include:

  • Liability Claims: The County can easily configure all relevant liability lines within the application, enabling them to handle multiple types of liability claims with a central system.

  • Absence and Leave Management: With an integrated solution for absence and leave management, the County has achieved a holistic view of their employees. County risk managers can easily search for information associated with an employee, including claims, incidents, and leave eligibility. Having access to all this information in a single place saves a significant amount of time and helps the County provide more options for benefits, return to work, and more.

  • Enterprise Legal Management (ELM): Many county governments and other public entities would like to improve the ability of claims teams and legal departments to share legal and claims data. The County can now give their users visibility into claim-related aspects of a legal matter. With enterprise legal management, every legal matter is automatically linked to its corresponding claim. As a result, County users and adjusters can collaborate to resolve litigation and the associated claims in the most appropriate, cost-effective manner.

  • Claimant Access: Now the County’s claimants can easily view the details of their claims in real time on any device. With a new solution for claimant access, the County can control what information is presented with user friendly configuration. This flexibility is convenient for claimants and allows the County to spend more time on service and claim settlement.

  • Workers’ Compensation Claims: The County can easily manage workers’ compensation claims in a central system with all relevant employee information consolidated. With fully integrated compliance capabilities, the County has access to all current forms, compensation rates, and reporting requirements for their jurisdiction.  

  • Corrective Action Plans: Corrective action plans associated with high-cost claims ensure the County is putting measures in place to mitigate future risk. Now the County can ensure consistent procedures across departments and has greater visibility into the execution of these plans.

  • Document Management: With approximately 30,000 claims open at any given time and a paper file inventory of more than 400,000 files, the County sought a solution to allow for a paperless environment. The County now has a central system with electronic management of documents, records, and emails, along with workflow automation and the ability to scan physical documents. All relevant documentation is automatically organized in the claim record for easy access and distribution.

  • Incident Reporting: With such an extensive claim volume, the ability to report incidents quickly and accurately is extremely important to the County. Users can now submit incidents directly, and County risk managers have access to incident information in real time.  

Looking Forward with Predictive Analytics

Now that the County has all risk, claims, and employee data in one place, they are better able to identify risk patterns and trends with advanced analytics. With exploration and data science, the County can discover hidden insights in their data without having to ask any questions at all.

Moving forward, the County can also harness the power of predictive analytics to obtain insights from Ventiv’s benchmark dataset of over $30Bn in closed claims data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms can analyze a new claim and automatically calculate actionable metrics:

  • Predict case reserves
  • Score potential claim severity
  • Triage based upon claim severity
  • Produce adjuster scoring profile
  • Undertake adjuster allocation analytics

With this information, the County can conduct performance analysis, reduce lag times, and ultimately settle claims earlier and at lower costs.

Next Steps

To learn more about how the County of Los Angeles embraces technology to create a world-class risk and claims management program, watch our recent webinar for the National Workers Compensation and Disability Conference.


LA County Webinar


May 19, 2021

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