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How Experience, Skill, and Creativity Led to Successfully Transforming Risk and Claims Management for the County of LA

The County of Los Angeles has revolutionized their risk and claims technology and processes in partnership with Ventiv, replacing multiple disparate software systems and centralizing services. With this unified approach, the County delivers greater accessibility and more personalized customer service.

By adopting a fully integrated risk and claims solution, the County has set a new standard for public entities worldwide. To date, this implementation is one of the largest and most complex deployments in the industry ever undertaken by a county government.

Such an ambitious undertaking demanded not only innovative technology, but also a highly experienced, skilled, and creative team.



For such a monumental endeavor, the County sought a vendor with proven implementation methodology and support, specifically with multi-system data conversions and complex claims administration clients. After a rigorous procurement process, the County selected Ventiv above all major vendors in the space. As the premier vendor with the most experience implementing large, complex claims administration solutions for public entities, Ventiv’s expertise has been critical to the project’s success.

Ventiv took a consultative approach with the engagement and assembled an expert team who adeptly understands the industry, the technology, and the County’s unique requirements. The County needed a highly capable and experienced team to adapt to their challenging environment. By working together and sharing best practices, Ventiv and the County have navigated roadblocks and dramatically accelerated the delivery of the implementation.



Prior to implementing the single-platform risk and claims solution, the County had several different systems and applications in place. Each of these systems had data that needed to be carefully migrated to the new solution while maintaining operations in the most populous county in the United States.

The implementation required highly complex data migrations along with detailed mapping of internal processes and requirements. As the largest non-state-level government entity in the United States, the County needed a provider with extensive expertise in major data conversions in the public sector.

In particular, the County had to convert significant volumes of data for workers’ compensation claims, liability claims, and absence management. For workers’ compensation alone, the County had more than 600,000 claims and over $9B in total paid. For liability claims, they had more than 200,000 claims and over $5B in total paid. For absence management, they had more than 400,000 reported leaves. Given the volume and nature of the data, the County needed an extremely skilled provider to manage the conversion.

The County now has a fully integrated risk and claims solution for:

  • Liability Claims
  • Absence Management
  • Enterprise Legal Management
  • Risk Management Analytics
  • Claimant Access Portal
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Leave Management
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Document Management
  • Incident Reporting

The new solution provides major benefits, including improved accessibility and collaboration across many departments, greater efficiency to handle ever-increasing claim volumes, and a unified perspective to identify and mitigate risk on a massive scale.



Beyond experience and skill, and perhaps the most important quality the County sought in a vendor, was creativity. Envisioning a solution of a magnitude never seen before required an entirely new approach. A vendor would not simply be able to replicate and modify a previous implementation, no matter how sophisticated. This endeavor demanded originality and ingenuity.

The County’s ultimate goal was to be able to see the big picture, and they needed a risk and claims provider who was able and willing to see this picture as well. The Ventiv team worked hand in hand with the County to design a customized solution based on their unique requirements. The ability to work together so well has been the driving force in delivering the project two years ahead of schedule, exceeding expectations at each milestone.

By consolidating multiple data sources and streamlining manual processes, the County has greater visibility into risk. Today the County has a much more holistic perspective on all their employees, making it possible to provide more tailored and personalized services. For example, County department managers can now easily evaluate an employee’s situation to provide more options for benefits, return to work, and other needs.


Bringing It All Together

The technology itself is certainly important, but the team behind the technology makes all the difference. The County recognized this when they set out to transform the way they manage risk and claims, and they needed a provider who would rise to the occasion. With this venture, the County has achieved a world-class risk and claims management program built upon experience, skill, and creativity.


Next Steps

To learn more about how the County of Los Angeles uses a single solution for risk management, claims administration, disability and leave management, corrective action plans, legal case management, and more, read their success story.


LA County


Sep 8, 2021

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