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The County of Los Angeles to Implement Ventiv Technology’s iVOS 5 as the single-platform solution for risk management, claims administration, safety investigation, and legal case management

iVOS 5 will support all County-administered risk management programs and multiple lines of insurance; the claims-system centralization and RMIS implementation is among the largest such projects ever undertaken for a municipality.

LOS ANGELES—December 1, 2017—Ventiv Technology, the world’s largest global, independent provider of risk, insurance, and EH&S software, announced today that the County of Los Angeles has selected Ventiv Technology’s iVOS 5 risk management system for claims and legal-matter management for the County of Los Angeles.

iVOS 5 will be the single, integrated technology system for the online administration and management of all risk management and claims administration programs in Los Angeles County, including leave management, safety investigation and litigation management. iVOS 5 will have more than 2,000 system users across the County when fully implemented.

The County sought a single, fully integrated system with high levels of adaptability, interoperability, and scalability; the County selected iVOS 5 to replace existing systems and support all County-administered data analytics, risk management, claims administration, insurance, and legal-matter management programs, including:

  1. General liability claims, small claims, medical malpractice claims, and workers’ compensation claims;
  2. Legal case management used by internal and outside counsel to track all information related to legal actions, including docket details, attorney-diary information, e-billing integration, and litigation-specific financials;  
  3. Loss control and prevention, including an innovative claims-investigation solution that will give the County robust incident-investigation capabilities; the ability to track progress of the investigation as well as causes, conditions, and behaviors; and action-item assignment and follow-through;
  4. Return-to-work;
  5. Short-term disability and long-term disability;
  6. Survivor benefits;
  7. Inspector General’s corrective action plans and summary corrective action plans; and
  8. Various self-insurance and commercial insurance programs. 

Steve Robles, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Risk Management and Privacy, said, “The purpose of this project is twofold. The first is to replace the existing claims and risk management systems with a new state-of-the-art comprehensive risk management information system. The second is to ensure a comprehensive, robust RMIS that can lead the nation in how risk management programs, including claims, are integrated, administered, managed and monitored. Working with an experienced provider like Ventiv Technology is an important precondition of achieving our goals and furthering the mission of the County of Los Angeles.” 

Bill Diaz, Chief Executive Officer, Ventiv Technology, said, “We’re thrilled to partner with the County of Los Angeles to meet their vision for a single, fully integrated system that administers and supports all of the County’s claims administration and risk management programs. With more than 40 years in the claims and risk management industry and nearly 20 years of iVOS serving municipalities across the United States, the people of Ventiv Technology have the domain experience necessary to successfully execute this momentous project—easily one of the largest and most complex in the history of public-sector claims and risk projects. As the market’s most up-to-date, feature-rich risk management systems for claims and legal case management, iVOS 5 is the right solution for the County’s needs. From enhanced analytics and reporting to new, robust legal-matter management tools that will help the County track and control legal expenses, we’re confident the Ventiv team and iVOS 5 will exceed the County’s expectations and support the County in fulfilling its mission.”

About County of Los Angeles Risk Management
The mission of the Chief Executive Office (CEO) Risk Management Branch is to evaluate significant Countywide risks, hazards, and exposures; develop and implement risk management methodologies to fund, minimize, or eliminate loss; and advise the Board of Supervisors and Departments of risk control strategies to mitigate losses. CEO Risk Management administers Privacy, Workers’ Compensation, Liability and Loss Control programs for over 100,000 public service employees. Utilizing data analytics and business intelligence tools, programs are designed to identify County exposures and minimize losses, to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of County employees, minimize risk and fraud, as well as, provide programs for the administration of commercial and self-insurance.